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In the media


BBC radio: Hanneke interviewed on reward and punishment (and football), as part of the Naked Scientist episode on Morality and Motivation. Listen to the interview with Hanneke here, or here for the full episode with Hanneke, Ray Dolan and Joshua Brown.


The Guardian: Dispatches from the Science Desk: In praise of uncertainty 


PsychCentral: Brain chemical genes influence sensitivity to reward and punishment


Financial Post: A new look at the "carrot and stick" approach to motivation


 AlphaGalileo: Who learns from the carrot, and who from the stick? 


Psychology Today: "Carrot and Stick" Motivation Revisited by New Research


Medical Xpress: Who learns from the carrot, and who from the stick?

De Telegraaf: Straf en beloning (in Dutch)


De Magie van de Wetenschap (NPO TV series): Niet voor Bangerikken. This episode follows neuroscientist and linguist par exellence Prof. Peter Hagoort, and includes Hanneke reading the mind of Dirk Geurts, in a live fMRI experiment in Pop Stage Paradiso Amsterdam. 


Daily News: Who learns from the carrot and who from the stick?


Inside the Brain - Weekly neuroscience update